How It Works

We have developed these four charts as samples of what is possible with a system designed to incorporate non-profit, for-profit, government and communities/fishers in a seamless fashion. With a shared goal and objectives, guided by clear yet flexible procedures and systems, with clearly outlined roles and responsibilities, a workable, dynamic and mutually beneficial economic system can be developed. An Industry that is:

Sustainable, Equitable and Profitable

SeaSmart Industry Investment Cost Sharing

This chart shows how linking for-profit and non-profit funding pays for the development of a sustainable aquarium industry.

SeaSmart Industry Core Partners

This chart shows the dynamics of SeaSmart/SeaStrong public-private partnership capital movement.

In-Country SeaStrong will be developed with equity shares totaling 51% for
The remaining 49% will be open to local and international investment.

Public-Private Partnership through SeaStrong Equitable Ownership

This chart shows an equitable ownership structure developed for a country-level SeaStrong company. Actual size of equity stakes to be developed but we recommend a minimum 25% Equity stake for Fishers Communities.

Fisher Industry Capital Flow Chart

This chart shows how for-profit and non-profit money, goods and services flows to fishers and their communities

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