Building on local tradition and customs, utilizing cutting-edge technology and traceability mechanisms, improved training and resource management systems, SeaSmart is creating the basis of a sustainable and equitable trade. SeaSmart is changing the way natural resource management is carried out, ensuring local management control, resource extraction sustainability, and product traceability and branding support. To carry out this joint SeaSmart program effectively and to meet the complex and sometimes competing requirements of the trade, SeaSmart, in collaboration with SeaStrong, operates the following divisions and focus activities capable of handling the development of all aspects of their portion of this functionally new trade:

Resource Area Management (RAM)

Conduct full resource surveys in all fishery management areas

Management Area Planning (MAP)

Establish Management Area Plans and forms MAP committees in each FMA

Fisher & Fishery Development (FFD)

Train fishery management areas in sustainable organism collection

Mariculture, Aquaculture and Restoration (MAR)

Establish coral mariculture operations in select FMA’s

Smart Business Development (SBD)

Establish direct deposit “cashless” payment system through the opening of personal bank accounts for each marine aquarium fisher managed by TRADE Management System.


Make a difference now. Help us create a sustainable & equitable marine aquarium fishery.

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