The SeaSmart SeaStrong division supports the development of a SeaStrong export company and facility for screening, transport, holding, handling, husbandry, packing, and shipping. SeaStrong also provides promotion and marketing assistance for the export of SeaStrong products to global markets. SeaStrong works closely with SeaSmart in the creation and maintenance of systems that ensure sustainability, traceability, organism quality and variety, fisher health and interest, and brand viability and stability. SeaStrong, in collaboration with SeaSmart, operates the following divisions and focus activities capable of handling the development of all aspects of their portion of this functionally new trade:

Export and Facility Development (EFD)

The Export and Facility Development component supports the development of a SeaStrong export company and facility for the screening, transport, holding, handling, husbandry, packing..

TRADE Management System

TRADE Management System is a web-based information technology (IT) system that enhances identity reservation and traceability capacity within a country's marine aquarium trade.

Branding and Promotions

SeaStrong promotes the development of a country level SeaSmart/SeaStrong brand. Our SeaSmart/SeaStrong brand is a widely recognized brand of wild harvested marine aquarium life in the industry.

Privatisation, Investment and Equity

SeaStrong facilities are developed as independent but linked entities with ownership structures that support local government, fishers, fisher communities, investment and research.


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