What We Accomplished

EcoEZ SeaSmart Program Deliverables

EcoEZ Inc. was contracted to provide five deliverables over three years. We set out to deliver to PNG a fully functioning marine aquarium trade and this we accomplished in three years despite numerous obstacles. In addition we designed the trade to be sustainable, equitable and profitable for PNG. This too we accomplished. We hope you agree.

EcoEZ PNG Contracted Deliverables

  1. One MAC Certified Trial Export Facility based in Port Moresby. Completed successfully. World-class facility was built, allowing for the maintenance of an organism mortality rate of +- 1% for its export and supply chain.
  2. Two MAC Certified Fishery Management Area’s (FMA’s)In Central Province. Completed 8 trial FMA sites successfully but w/o MAC Certification due to the non operational condition of MAC. EcoEZ produced PNG Standards that link directly to the MAC Standards.
  3. Functioning TRADE Management software program with key NFA staff trained. Completed software development, data input, and functionality. Awaiting PNG NFA Testing.
  4. PNG National Marine Aquarium National Management Plan revised and completed. Completed, submitted, and awaiting NFA input.
  5. Marine Aquarium trade established in PNG and marine aquarium species being exported. Completed successfully with PNG SEASMART “brand” well established in North American market (65% of global market).

EcoEZ PNG SEASMART Program Non-Contracted Achievements


  • Developed PNG SEASMART RAM Manual
  • Developed PNG RAM Survey Training Manual
  • Trained local Marine Biologists in RAM methodology
  • Coral reef surveys and assessments of all target FMA’s.
  • Economic and environmental base line resource profiles and analysis.
  • Vertebrates and invertebrates species posters for all FMA’s
  • Created Banned Species List and Unsuitable Species List posters
  • Carried out beche-de-mer, food fish, reef health and endangered species surveys in all FMA’s
  • Produced beche-de-mer survey report (2007-2010)
  • Coordinated with University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) in the identification of possible new species and the placement of new graduates in SEASMART
  • GIS specialists produced geographical representation maps of all fishing reefs in all FMAs including organism density, abundance, dive sites, and species distribution.
  • Produced annual Total Allowable Catch Limits for every marine aquarium species (involving hundreds of species) found in each FMA utilizing EcoEZ’s accurate and exclusive TAC formula system.


  • Developed Fisher Training Manual (English & Pidgin)
  • Established Fisher Associations in all FMA’s
  • 156 Aquarium Fishers trained in organism harvest, post harvest handling, screening, & transport
  • FMA communities & fishers trained in practical resource management, utilization, conservation and restoration
  • Future PNG fisher trainers identified & trained
  • Enhanced fisher’s organism identification skills
  • Produced “Proper Maintenance of Fishing Gear” posters
  • Produced “organism segregation and in-sea holding requirements” posters
  • Produced A4 posters for FMA specific and province wide organism identification


  • Developed MAP Manual æ÷
  • Established MAP Committees in FMA’s
  • Produced FMA Area Profiles, a compilation of all FMA reports
  • Produced documented Management Area Plans for each FMA
  • Produced Draft PNG Core Certification Standards


  • Developed MAR Manual
  • Established pilot coral mariculture project sites in Fisherman’s Island
  • Trained 25 female villagers in coral mariculture operations
  • Created mother coral colony mapping and multiple generation frag traceability mechanism through market chain to importer
  • Carried-out multiple beach clean-ups that removed over two tons of trash and raised awareness in villages about trash disposal
  • Negotiated the fisher release of dozens of captured, endangered sea turtles

Export Facility Development (EFD)

  • Developed Export Facility Operations Manual
  • Designed and developed a world class export facility
  • Implemented trial fishing through “fish to order” system based on export demand
  • Developed cashless fisher payment system through direct deposit into their accounts and automated through EcoEZ’s TRADE Management system
  • Superior animal screening, handling, holding, husbandry & transportation systems developed & standardized
  • Maintained approximately a 1% to 1.5% average mortality export and supply chain rate in the final year of program.
  • PNG “brand” very successfully promoted internationally, large markets opened up for SEASMART PNG marine aquarium life
  • First-ever legal export of PNG marine aquarium organisms

Other Reports, Activities & INDUSTRY FIRSTS

  • Utilized EcoEZ Smart Business Development program to carry out small business training for fishers and creating, for many fishers, their first bank account and relationship with an interested lender.
  • The Marine Aquarium Trade in Philippines and Indonesia: A Cautionary Tale
  • A Way Forward to Sustainable Prosperity for PNG Coastal Communities
  • Particpated in two MACNA trade shows in US, producing two show booths and PNG SEASMART Program promotional support materials. Banquet speaker at MACNA 2010. Created rapidly growing market enthusiasm and demand for PNG Marine Aquarium Life.
  • First company to globally provide full organism/product traceability system established from resource to import allowing for proof of product source (and resource management system used) and market chain components and partners.
  • First ecosystem and species based TACs set for coastal fisheries including marine aquarium in PNG.
  • First fully surveyed and mapped, ecosystem based Fishery Management Areas (FMA’s) in PNG supported and driven by branded market demand.
  • PNG developed as the first country in the world to have a marine aquarium industry with the strong local, community and ecosystem based management structure, and “individualized FMA and specie” TAC setting, management plans, etc.
  • TRADE Management system created allowing for easy statistical data management and use by government and market chain partners.