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in the development of a country’s marine aquarium industry...

Probably the most famous SEASMART PNG animal, the Lightning Maroon clownfish.


SeaSmart is presently a program of EcoEZ Inc., a US based social and environmental development company.

Building on local tradition and customs, supported by international market demand, and utilising cutting edge technology and traceability mechanisms, the SeaSmart Program creates a new natural resource trade that is changing the way natural resource exploitation is carried out. SeaSmart ensures local management control, resource extraction sustainability, product traceability and branding, transparent business best practices, and ultimately, stable industry profitability…breaking the boom and bust cycles so common in so many artisanal fisheries.

What We Do

The SeaSmart Program

The SeaSmart program is divided into two fully interlinked but separate areas with two equal partners in this program, one NGO and one for-profit company: SeaSmart and SeaStrong. It is through these entities that we outline our program. To carry out this joint SeaSmart program effectively and to meet the complex and sometime competing requirements of the trade, SeaSmart created the following divisions and focus activities capable of handling the development of all aspects of this new trade.



SeaSmart at Marine Aquarium Conference of North America 2010

Video Highlights of the SeaSmart / SeaStrong Programme

SeaSmart Underwater Reef Pictures

SeaSmart takes pride in its vast collection of underwater reeft pictures.


Make a difference now. Help us create a sustainable & equitable marine aquarium fishery.

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