Papua New Guinea SeaSmart Program

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An Introduction to the SeaSmart Program

Sustainability, Equitability and Profitability are the three core goals of the SEASMART program in the development of a marine aquarium trade.

Building on local tradition and customs, supported by international market demand, and utilising cutting edge technology and traceability mechanisms, the SEASMART Program is creating a new natural resource trade in PNG that is changing the way natural resource exploitation is carried out, ensuring local management control, resource extraction sustainability, product traceability and branding, transparent business best practices, and ultimately, stable industry profitability…breaking the boom and bust cycles so common in PNG’s artisanal fisheries such as beche de mer and live reef food fish.


Manuals (PDF Files – Right Click “Save As”)

SeaSmart Posters

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Banned and Unsuitable Species Lists:

Gear Maintenance:

Invert Posters:

Top Marine Aquarium Species


Provincial Posters

Species Distribution Maps

Pictures of the SeaSmart Program in Papua New Guinea

Fisher Training

Resource Assessment

Management Planning

Papua New Guinea Marine Aquarium Facility

SeaSmart Program Organizational Charts (PDF Files – Right Click “Save As”)

Promotional Materials – Brochures (Click Images to View)…

SeaSmart Program Overview:

Management Area Plan:

Fisher and Fishery Development:

Trade Traceability:



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